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Clowns On The Loose?

Angelina Gutierrez, Staff Writer

October 14, 2016

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All around the U.S. crazy people, dressed up like clowns, are terrorizing everyday people. You may be wondering, why does this qualify to me and my life? Well, this isn't a hoax.  Almost anywhere you go, people see killer clowns,...

Is the Five-Second Rule a Reasonable Method to Use?

Shelby Domingo, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

Filed under Charger Blogs, Opinion

In a recent article from by Ian Graber-Stiehl, the five-second rule was analyzed and it was determined that the rule is flawed. This news has prompted an important question: is the five-second rule an acceptable me...

Summer Jobs Are Getting Harder to Find

Linda Chang, Staff writer

June 2, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Summer jobs are getting harder to find because of the different laws that restrict what minors can do, minimum wage going up, and the fact that students would be very temporary employees. Since the minimum wage is going up...

Donald Trump Rally

June 2, 2016

Filed under Opinion

I went to the Donald Trump rally last Friday morning at the Selland Arena in downtown Fresno. In my opinion, it was an amazing experience. I would encourage more people to get into politics and know our potential leaders' intentions....

Bullard’s Quad

Cyan Edmisten, Staff Writer

March 18, 2016

Filed under Opinion, Top Stories

The Bullard High School quad, the area between the cafeteria and the old administration offices, was gated off with chain link fences at the beginning of March. This has caused all kinds of aggravation among students. Students...

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