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Battle of the Books

Amanda Basulto and Micheal Herrera

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With Battle of the Books right around the corner, we talked with book club Co- Presidents Pablo Covarrubias and Noah Rodriguez. Club sponsor, Mrs. Dodds, goes into how Bullard’s club gets to pick out from a list of books to read and memorize them to compete. Club members have already started reading the books for this year, which range from 6th grade to college level reading. This year looks promising for the book club to once again take home the trophy and plaque.

Q: “What schools take part in Battle of the Books?”

Mrs.Dodds: “Schools all over the Fresno County.”

Q: “What do you get when you win?”

Mrs. Dodds: “A year round trophy and a plaque.”

Q: “Who picks the books?”

Mrs.Dodds: “Different librarians each year.”

Q: “How many books do you have read total?”

Mrs.Dodds: “Twenty-five books.”

Q: “Do you get to chose your own books from the list?”

Covarrubias: “ We do, we get to pick the ones we like best”

Q: “What’s your favorite part about book club?”

Covarrubias: “You get to hear about interesting books and read them”

Rodriguez: “ Finding people who have read the same books as you and having intellectual conversations with them”  

Q: “What do you look forward to the most in Battle of the Books?”

Covarrubias: “ Winning the trophy again.”

Q: “Why do you believe you were voted president?”

Covarrubias: “ I showed that I was responsible and a serious leader.”

Rodriguez: “ I think they picked me because I’m the founder of book club and can get things done.”

Q: “Who do you think is your top competition?”

Rodriguez: “Sierra High School and Liberty High School, they’re pretty good.”


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