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Meet Ms. Ledesma – New Teacher

Miguel Montoya, Staff Writer

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Ms. Ledesma is a new Spanish teacher at Bullard. She taught at California State University, Fresno, for two years and Edison High School for one year before coming to Bullard. She loves Bullard so far and enjoys working with her fellow staff members. (The interview was conducted in Spanish and translated into English.) 

Q. “What do you teach?”

A. “I teach Spanish 1 for natives and non-native speakers.”

Q. “Why did you become a Spanish teacher?”

A. “Because it’s my first language, and ever since I was in Mexico, I wanted to be a Spanish teacher.”

Q. “Why did you decide to come to Bullard?”

A. “I had heard good things about the students and staff.”

Q. “What’s your favorite kind of food?”

A. “My favorite kind of food would have to be Chinese food. I can’t choose a certain dish.”

Q. “If you weren’t a teacher, what career would you choose?”

A. “I would like to be a co-pilot on an airplane, because I would get to travel and see different parts of the world.”

Q. “Not the pilot?”

A. “It would be too much responsibility to be the pilot.” 

Q. “What other countries have you been to?”

A. “I’ve been to Spain, Italy, and Portugal. I went to Spain to study, and I went to Italy and Portugal to just travel the world.”

Q. “What do you like to do on your free time?”

A. “I like going to the movies, working out and running. I also really enjoy watching different TV series. My favorite show is ‘Grimm,’ because every episode is different.”

Q. “Where are you from originally?”

A. “I’m from Puruandiro, Mexico. I moved to the United States when I was 17.”

Q.”Do you like the United States?”

A. “I’ve been here almost 10 years, and I really like it, I wouldn’t want to return to Mexico, honestly.”

Q. “Is there anything that you would like to see change at Bullard?”

A. “I would like to see the discipline rules change, because the process to discipline is too long and way too lenient on students at times.”

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Meet Ms. Ledesma – New Teacher