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June 20, 2012

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My freshman year I learned to be myself and that rocks!

Angelina Juarez, Staff Writer

June 13, 2012

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Being a freshman is both frightful and amazing all bunched up in a year, well I know it was for me. In the beginning of my freshman year it was extremely scary, especially because I came from another state. I did not know one...

AP summer homework is not worth the effort

Kristina Krikorian

June 11, 2012

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It's about that time of year when all of the AP teachers start handing out summer homework, but the question on all of the students minds is "Is it all really necessary?" In the teacher's mind, yes it is. They believe it will...

Tennis is my game

Kristina Krikorian, staff writer

June 7, 2012

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I never thought I could like a sport as much as I like tennis. Every thing about it draws me in: the clothes, the game, the running, and most of all the exercise I get when I play it. Even though I haven't played it for a long...

The thrills of freshman year and how to say goodbye

Lauren Swertfager, staff writer

June 7, 2012

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As the semester comes to the end and the seniors check out, everyone starts to prepare for the future. From the view of a freshman these last few weeks have felt longer than the whole year itself. It seems that just days ago we...

The list of high school for my brothers

Dmitri Bopp, staff writer

June 5, 2012

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  The last days of school are rapidly approaching and I am reflecting on what life has been like here at Bullard for the last 4 years.  I will soon be leaving  the best friends I have had most of my life.  We have shared...