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Ant-Man Review…

July 27, 2015

Marvel studios is most known for their success with big name characters like Iron Man and Captain America. But what people forget is that characters like Iron Man weren’t very well known until Marvel made a great movie about them.

Nobody cared about a lot of these heroes until they started fighting alongside each other. I am happy to say that after watching Ant-Man, he will join the list of popular Marvel characters.

Ant-Man is not the typical Marvel movie, however. Most of the Marvel movies try to be these giant blockbusters with these huge set pieces and sometimes they don’t exactly work. I’m looking at you Thor the Dark World.

Ant-Man if you haven’t noticed is a small guy, so he doesn’t have the biggest action scenes he actually has a lot of small ones. By far the best part of Ant-Man are the scenes were Ant-Man played by Paul Rudd takes advantage of his abilities to shrink on command, there are some really cool action scenes involving Ant-Man using his abilities to get out of some sticky situations.

The cast is great all around with Michael Douglas stealing the show as Hank Pym the former Ant-Man. Evangeline Lilly also gives a good performance as the daughter of Hank Pym. Perhaps the most memorable performance was that of Michael Pena as the frend of Scott Lang (Ant-Man). He has a lot of funny parts in the movie and the film uses a gimmick with his character that is very funny.

Ant-Man is not perfect though, it’s not on the same level as Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers Age of Ultron. The movie gets off to a slow start and doesn’t really get going until about¬†40¬†minutes in. The film also doesn’t have a very strong villain. The villain feels a lot like a cartoon character sometimes and doesn’t fit the tone of the movie.

Overall Ant-Man is a very fun summer movie that is just another jewel on the crown of Marvel. It’s not one of the best Marvel movies, but it is an above average super hero film that is a lot of fun. Also stay for the after credits scenes, there is something for all of the Marvel fans.


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