“Don’t Breathe” is a terrifying roller coaster

Kylia Young, Staff Writer

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Disclosure: This film is rated R for violent, intense scenes among other categories.

“Don’t Breathe” directed by Fede Alvarez is a terrifying thriller movie about three Detriot thieves Rocky ( Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) who make their money by breaking into the homes of wealthy people secured by Alex’s father’s security company. They plan on breaking into the home of a blind Army Veteran named Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) that has a large amount money. What Rocky, Alex, and Money don’t know is that the blind man is more clever than they thought and will do anything to keep this settlement.

The acting in “Don’t Breathe” is amazing. The actor’s and actress’ are good at screaming and pretending to be afraid. Jane Levy who portrays Rocky did a terrific job trying to be this bad girl, but at the same time she was fighting for her life. Dylan Minnette who portrays Alex was easily my favorite character because of his love and support towards Rocky which made the movie a lot better. One of the best performances in the movie was by Stephen Lang who portrays Norman Nordstorm/the blind man. Lang is the perfect actor to bring the personality and edginess of the blind man to life.

The editing of the movie was very good. The fighting scenes in the movie looked realistic and delivered suspense with each scene. The attention to detail in this film and the craftsmanship of it is nothing short of impressive.

Overall, this movie is worth seeing. It has a little bit of everything including, romance, horror, drama, and comedy. I highly recommend you see this movie because the story line is very interesting and it kept leaving you guessing after every scene. This movie is mysterious, but very intriguing to the viewer as quality content moves the plot along. “Don’t Breathe” takes you on an terrifying joy ride.



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