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‘Friends’ appreciation post

Emma Lineman, Staff Writer

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The TV show Friends is now twenty-three years old. Netflix streams all 10 seasons of the popular sit-com. The show revolves around six people, twenty to thirty something year olds, living in Manhattan: Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel and Joey. The popularity of Friends has only grown since the show first started. It’s enjoyed by many here at Bullard.

Junior, Mia Rangel says, “Friends is the best show.” Out of all the characters on the show, she says she related to Chandler the most because, “I’m sarcastic and I make terrible jokes.”

Another junior, Ashley Ramirez tells me, “I find the characters really funny, especially Chandler. I love the scene when Joey, Chandler, Rachel and Monica are trying to win over the big apartment and Rachel can’t figure out Chandler’s job.”

Freshman, Abbie Campbell says, “You don’t have to watch the episodes in order. You can watch the first one of the second season and then skip a bunch and you’d be fine.” Overall, it’s a relatable tv show with a unique cast.

Twenty-three years later, Friends is still providing tear-inducing laughs.

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The news site of Bullard High School.
‘Friends’ appreciation post