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‘Sign of the Times’ exceeds expectations

Shelby Domingo, Staff Writer

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Just before spring break, Harry Styles released ‘Sign of the Times,’ his debut single as a solo artist. After listening to the song on repeat for days, it’s safe to say that it has exceeded my expectations.

To start, ‘Sign of the Times’ has a completely different sound than something you would expect to hear from One Direction. The opening piano chords in addition to the soft rock vibes from the song contrast with the upbeat pop music from the boy-band. Styles’ voice also seems to be more suited for this type of sound.

‘Sign of the Times’ is also well-written. The lyrics, though seemingly simple, imply a deeper meaning that makes the entirety of the song beautiful. Plus, the chorus gradually becomes more catchy the more you listen to it.

Lastly, this song demonstrates Styles’ skills as an artist. It reveals more of his own style, something that has not been fully expressed when he was in One Direction, due to the fact that the members had to stick with a certain sound for their music. With more musical freedom, Styles was able to successfully create an amazing song.

Overall, ‘Sign of the Times’ is a great song that showcases Harry Styles’ talents extremely well; it will definitely be on my playlist for a while.

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‘Sign of the Times’ exceeds expectations