‘Good Boys’: ‘Superbad’ with 6th graders.

Good Boys is rated R, to see Good Boys you must be 17 years old or older to see without an adult.

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‘Good Boys’: ‘Superbad’ with 6th graders.

Jacob Rengstorf, Author

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A comedy in my eyes only has to accomplish two things in order for me to enjoy it, the movie needs to move at a fast pace with jokes happening often and make me laugh, that’s it. Somehow Good Boys does not accomplish either. Good Boys follows three 6th graders as they prepare for their first kissing party. The director of the film is Gene Stupnitsky and stars Jacob Tremblay as Max, Keith L. Williams as Lucas, and Brady Noon as Thor. Good Boys is one of the most unfunny comedies I’ve seen in a long time.

The three kids all give bad performances but I don’t expect kids to give good performances. Good filmmakers know that if you want kid actors to be good in your film you either have them be silent or talk very little. There are some exceptions to this but most of the time kids are just not good actors. So the team behind Good Boys were at a disadvantage with just the premise alone. A way to fix this would be to write good jokes that don’t require good performances to be funny, but they failed at that too. The movie is just unfunny and boring. 

A movie is at its worse when it’s boring and unfortunately Good Boys falls victim to this. Many times during the movie I felt my brain wondering as scenes passed by. When I wasn’t bored I was confused. Scenes just happen with very little setup which confuses the audience. I constantly found myself looking at my friend in confusion. 

The jokes in the film just aren’t funny. Seeing children say curse words and make sexual references is only funny for so long. If this was a 5 -10 minute long short it might have worked but a 90 minute feature film needs jokes that have variety. The constant use of rap music doesn’t fit the film either. The movie is shot very typically, just shot reverse shot. The lighting of the film looks like a cheap television show. It’s a very boring movie to look at.

Good Boys is a movie in desperate need of variety. A movie can only bang the same jokes over the head of the audience for so long before becoming repetitive and boring. When you aren’t laughing with a movie you start to pay more attention to the film making and the story of the film which Good Boys lacks in unfortunately. Good Boys is unfunny and just straight up repetitive. I will be honest when I walked into this film I was not looking forward to it and I’m very sad to say that it was almost exactly what I thought it was: an unfunny and worse version of Superbad with 6th graders..