‘IT Chapter Two’ fails to float too.

IT Chapter Two is rated R, to see IT Chapter Two you must be 17 years old or older to see without an adult.

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Jacob Rengstorf

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It (2017) was a surprise box office hit in 2017 and a sequel was inevitable. It made box office records while only having a $35 million budget. With an opening weekend of $123,403,419. By the end of it’s run in theaters it made $700,381,748 worldwide. IT Chapter Two opened the weekend of September 6th with $91,062,152. A little less than the first film and in a way this represents my thoughts on the sequel. IT Chapter Two is directed by Andy Muschietti and stars Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, and James Ransone. 

The first film I found to be just okay. The kids were fun to watch and had great chemistry. My biggest problem with the first film were the scares. All the scary scenes were just jump scares with loud noises which just doesn’t scare me. It felt more like an R rated Goosebumps episode. I enjoyed the kids and Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise but found It (2017) to be just okay and kind of forgettable. IT Chapter Two unfortunately doubles down on jump scares and loud noises. The adult cast are all at least decent. However the chemistry between the adults just isn’t as great as the kids from the first film and that was the best part of the last film. Bill Hader is great however, he’s funny when he needs to be and emotional when he needs to be. Everyone else is just fine, not bad but not good either.

The worst part of the film by far is the pacing. This horror movie is unbelievably almost three hours long, and man does it feel like three hours. The film starts out great and gets you interested in the characters and story but once the second act hits it becomes repetitive and just boring. Each character is forced to go into town and retrieve items from their childhood and each scene is exactly the same. After the 3rd time it happens it just started to make me angry. My friend even fell asleep which he has never done before. Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise in the film is wonderful just like he was in the last film but he was barley in it until the end.  When he is on screen he’s great but he’s just not on screen that often until the end. 

The kids from the last movie come back for this movie in flashbacks and they feel so unnecessary, especially with the pacing problem I talked about earlier. The kids’ chemistry is still there but these scenes are just not needed. Not only do these flashbacks feel unnecessary but the kids’ faces are digitally changed to look younger and it looks horrible. Some of the kids’ faces looked like melted plastic. The movie also feels kind of cheap. Some of the sets look like tv show sets and the town feels empty. Most scenes of the town have no extras in the background and it seems as if the main characters are the only people in town.

Overall IT Chapter Two is a step back from the last film. It (2017) was not amazing but it was enjoyable and an overall okay movie. IT Chapter Two is also just okay but is definitely worse than the last film. The pacing is too slow, the chemistry of the main characters isn’t great, it feels cheap, and worst of all it just isn’t scary. Bill Hader is great and I hope to see him in more things that are better than this. IT Chapter Two is fine and that’s the worst a movie can be.