‘Zombieland: Double Tap’: a forgettable apocalypse

'Zombieland: Double Tap' is rated R, to see 'Zombieland: Double Tap' you must be 17 years old or older to see without an adult.

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Jacob Rengstorf

The first Zombieland was nothing special to me. It was a funny movie with some style. It didn’t do amazing at the box office but it did become a sort of cult classic. It didn’t feel like a movie that needed a sequel though. I feel like if you enjoyed the first Zombieland you’ll enjoy the sequel.  Zombieland: Double Tap is very similar to the first movie. Zombieland: Double Tap is directed by Ruben Fleischer and stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone.  

Zombieland: Double Tap is unfortunately one of the most forgettable films of the year for me. The biggest reason for this are the technical aspects. The cinematography and shot composition is very boring in my opinion. There are a couple interesting shots but most of the film is shot very typically. The lighting looks like a cheap tv show. This movie just isn’t visually interesting. The music is non-existent. I can’t even remember a single track from the score. The effects are also poorly done. Zombies comprised of cgi look horrible. Shots of people in cars have some of the worst green screen I’ve seen this year. These shots looked like a sitcom.

Let’s be honest though, when you buy a ticket to Zombieland: Double Tap you’re not there for the technical aspects or effects. You’re there for some cool action and some good comedy. I’m sad to say the movie kind of fails on those fronts as well. Most of the action scenes in the movie just aren’t very interesting. A couple of them have cool setups and are fun but most of them are pretty boring. The movie is also just not very funny. Most jokes are predictable and have lazy punchlines. The biggest problem with the comedy are the references. The references are just outdated. This sort of makes sense in the world of the movie. Since the apocalypse started in 2009 it would make sense that the references would be a little dated but that doesn’t stop the movie’s comedy from feeling outdated and just not funny. Some jokes do land. The comedy is very hit or miss. The plot has some holes and is a little predictable but this didn’t really bother me. 

There are some good things in this movie. All the actors are funny and have some genuine chemistry. Some of the jokes are genuinely hilarious but they are very rare. The pacing is fast and I was never once bored. There are some interesting action scenes and some genuinely creative zombie kills. The makeup on the zombies also looks pretty good. The best part of the original Zombieland was definitely the style of the movie. Thankfully this movie carries over that style, even if it’s not as present. The style is what makes the movie. The style isn’t visually here but the way the story is told and how the fourth wall is broken is fun to watch. I love the “Zombie kill of the year” and all the rules to the apocalypse.

All in all Zombieland: Double Tap is the definition of an okay movie. It has it’s problems but it also has it’s positive aspects. Every time I find a positive I also find a negative. It’s a fun movie but nothing more than that. It’s the most forgettable movie I’ve seen this year. The comedy lands sometimes but mostly doesn’t. The action is boring for the most part. Some of the effects are bad and some of them are just okay. But it is funny at times and has some fun action scenes. Overall Zombieland: Double Tap is a fun movie but nothing more. I’ll probably never see it again and honestly won’t remember most of the movie in a month. Zombieland: Double Tap is one of the most forgettable movies of the year in my opinion and that’s one of the worst things a movie can be.