Seth Perrault, Freshman Class President.

Nicholas Martinez, Features Editor

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Seth Perrault, a freshman at Bullard High, has started his high school career by being the Freshman student President. Class of 2018 has many hopes that their class will be successful. To make sure that their class is successful, the students have elected Mr. Perrault to make the success happen.

“I hope I am able to be a great leader for the freshman class. I want to make their first year of high school memorable, and create experiences that they will remember for a lifetime,” said Perrault.

Perrault’s main goal is to try his best to make this year count. He has many plans and hopes he is able to put them all into full effect. With all the responsibilities as being a class president, Perrault is ready for the challenge and is ready for any obstacle that comes his way.

“Being in the student government looks really good on college applications, so I hope it sets me apart from other applicants” said Perrault.

Perrault is already preparing for his future and he is starting in the right direction. He is hoping for a great year and that his fellow classmates are able to look up to him as a leader.

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