A Bullard First

        Friday September 13th we had a Bullard first. For the first time since Bullard opened we hosted a homecoming game here at Bullard. We’ve never hosted a homecoming game here before because our bowl wasn’t fit for one. Everyone has  wanted to have a game here and the school made it happen. They brought in extra bleachers, rented railings to go around the field, hosted a tailgate, and had many games and activities to partake in. They made it a day to remember and a day to definitely go down in history. They didn’t make it just any average football game.There was a tailgate in the quad, and a snack bar with food you would never see at other games. I can sincerely say that the game was a success.

        Most people usually skip the J.V. game and just attend  the varsity game. However this time the line was long and filled with people waiting to get into the J.V. game. They offered the first two hundred people a free hot dog, water, and bag of chips. So many people attended that game sold out before J.V could get half way through their game. They actually had to start turning people away on the Bullard’s side because it was overfilled.