United Black Men


Malcolm Smith & Nathaniel Williams

        Every Wednesday in N33 about 40 African American boys at Bullard attend the United Black Men meeting. They serve food and teach you about “the essentials.” 

        “We see the future in you guys,” said Dr. Kehinde Sewazi, a member of United Black Men in Fresno for the past 30 years.   

        Dr. Kehinde and Mrs. Shalita Herod brought United Black Men to Bullard’s campus last year because the new VP felt African American males were underrepresented.  

     “This organization helps young black men gain exposure to things out in the world and they learn about their history. They are also mentored by professional black men that are capable of guiding them in the right direction”, explains Herod.

         Herod says, the “United Black Men is a mentorship established years ago with black professionals who come and mentor the younger black men in the program.” She also says that the UBM “helps the young black men gain exposure to things out in the world & learn about their history.” The United Black Men are in their second year here at Bullard. Mrs. Herod says she felt the need to bring the United Black Men to Bullard because she saw “a huge need for our black population to be more represented.” As an African American here at Bullard I do feel as if the African American community is underrepresented.  I also got the chance to speak with Dr. Kehinde Sewazi  a professor at Fresno City and one of the mentors of the United Black Men. Sewazi says the United Black Men’s purpose is to improve the education of the black community. He wants to help the young black men in UBM learn about family building, economic development and other things that young men should be all about. The goal of the United Black Men is to improve the broader education of the young black men. “I want the young men in United Black Men to leave with the knowledge of power.” I am 100% for this. Lots of young African-American men lack a mentor or someone to look up to so the United Black Men is perfect for young men like me.