Op-Ed: Lockdown at Bullard


Arriyah Champion

On Wednesday, September 14th Bullard High went on a sudden lockdown. The Fresno PD responded to a phone call made about a gunshot noise and got to Bullard hastily. During the lockdown, I remember hearing the helicopter circling the school, and officers searching the halls and classrooms. They followed through with protocol knowing early on that it was a hoax call. Fresno PD updated its social media, informing the people of the situation, that there was no threat to the school campus.  

Sadly, Bullard staff and students have a lot to learn from this lockdown. Many students in my classes spoke of their teachers’ playing music and not even locking their doors during the lockdown. “We need to practice our drills, like lockdowns, as if they were real.” VP Peters wrote to me.  As teachers, it’s their responsibility to follow their procedures, to keep them and us, students, safe. With recent shootings happening across the nation, not taking this situation seriously could have ended with lots of tragedies. School should be a safe place, and in a situation like this knowing that someone I should trust doesn’t take the necessary precautions is horrifying. A few students in my class and other classes were also talking loudly and laughing throughout the lockdown. When in a lockdown it’s important to stay quiet and not draw attention to protect everyone. I think it is unfair to others who follow the instructions and are worried about their safety. We should have more lockdown drills and make sure students and staff are prepared next time we are in this situation. 

Mr. Megerdichian is a great example of what I think a teacher should be doing during an active lockdown.  I am glad that during the lockdown I was in class with Mr. Megerdichian, who I thought handled the situation perfectly and stayed calm the entire time.  

Not only do I think that students and staff need to be more educated on lockdown protocols, but also the parents. Many students talked about parents jumping the fence and knocking on teachers’ doors demanding their children. If there was an actual shooter, parents are taking officers’ attention away from finding the shooter and now towards getting parents off campus. Parents should be informed on what they should do if there is an active shooter on the campus, so that next time they won’t risk endangering themselves and others.  

This situation will be a great opportunity to learn from our mistakes, if we do ever have to face the situation of an actual shooter on campus, we as a school need to be better prepared.