The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review


Elijah Romero

Recently a movie has been dominating the film industry, being supported by all demographics and garnering discussions worldwide. The Super Mario Bros Movie grossed over $800 million as of May 2023. Before its release, many were ecstatic while others expected it to be underwhelming. I sought out to see what all the hype was about.

It starts with two troubled men from Brooklyn, Mario, and Luigi, living as lowly plumbers. In the Nintendo dimension, the Mushroom Kingdom faces a new conflict as Bowser, King of the Koopas captures the superstar. He sought to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom in hopes of ultimately marrying Princess Peach. As a result, now accidentally being warped to the Nintendo dimension, Mario must go on an adventure with his new accomplice Toad and Princess Peach to stop Bowser and save Luigi, who was captured by Bowser and the Koopas.

After watching the film, what can be said is that it provides a great experience for all fans of Mario and Nintendo, as there are countless references to the games and other Nintendo properties such as Donkey Kong and Jumpman. In addition, the animation and trueness of the source material of the film were amazing, and it made the film even more enjoyable to watch.

It lacked a real narrative and it may not be enjoyable to those who will come with high expectations for complex storytelling, but it will be enjoyable for moviegoers of all ages, even with a subpar story. 

Despite all this, it was a very exciting film to watch and it is a definite watch for all fans of Mario and those who just want to watch a good movie.

At the end of the day, the Super Mario Bros Movie was made to serve as an ode to the fans of Mario and Nintendo, and it did just that.