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All Female Space Walk NASA

November 8, 2019

         Christina Koch and Jessica Meir finally conducted the first all female space walk. Both Meir and her fellow astronaut and friend Koch hope it becomes common place and isn't regarded as a big deal...

Welcome New Counselors!

Nevaeh Ricardo and Alina Veliz

September 16, 2019

         As the new school year begins, we also begin the start of some new counselors, Mrs.Dayna Clark, Mr. Ceasar Heras and Mrs. Vanessa Rusell.         Ceasar Heras started college at UCSV then to switched Fresno state for his masters. He is from Watso...

Welcome Counselors!

Alina Veliz, Author

September 5, 2019

This school year, Bullard welcomes the newest members on campus; Dayna Clark, Cesar Heras, and Vanessa Russell. Last week we got to sit down with each individual counselor and ask them a few questions. We first began with 28-year-old Cesar Heras....