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Melissa Lott, Staff Writer

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According to a March article in the Washington Post, getting A’s is much easier to do nowadays than it was 60 years ago. There are a few reasons behind this. One, these days, teachers let you turn in late work for full credit. Two, a lot of school work is easy and common sense. Three, some teachers simply don’t care anymore. They just give you the work and tell you to do it,which, you can easily look up online or copy from someone else.

When you don’t turn in your work, teachers are very lenient and let you turn it in late, sometimes for full credit. That makes it so easy for us, however, it also makes us lazy. We keep putting off our work, knowing that whenever we turn it in, it will be worth full credit.

Most school work is pretty easy and only requires common sense. Plus, you can find about anything on the internet now. Kids don’t even have to pay attention in class because they can just find all the answers online. Most students are just cheating their way through high school and that is not a good quality to possess in the real world.

The sad thing is, a lot of teachers don’t care about their students. They just want to get their money. They barely teach a thing and leave it to us, who can just easily fly under the radar and cheat our way through. This doesn’t teach us anything.

My solution to this problem is that if the teachers won’t challenge us, then let’s challenge ourselves. Don’t let your work be late, and make your teachers teach you.


Washington Post article:

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Take learning into your own hands