Why you should stop by Bullard’s Blue Nation

Delaynie Samora and Tawni Forston

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The Blue Nation is a store on Bullard’s campus that is located in the main office. Shopping at the Blue Nation is the easiest way to get certain items you need without having to leave Bullard.

Bullard made the Blue Nation shop because the profits from the store help to fund the dances and other school activities that students attend. Many students do not know about the store, or they just go to a convenience store during their lunch to get what they want. But when you buy from the Blue Nation, your money is going towards events that make Bullard fun!

Not only is your money going towards school events, but you are also saving money as well. The Blue Nation sells food, Bullard High clothing, chargers, and headphones. All of these items are sold at your local convenience store, excluding the BHS clothing, but Bullard’s store sells these items for less.

So replace your local convenience store with the Blue Nation, because the simple fact of it being the closer with lower prices makes it the best option for students of Bullard High.

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