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Xandra Lancaster and Delaynie Samora

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cheerleader at a homecoming game? Or maybe you are a cheerleader but you’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be a student in the stands. Well, there is one thing we can tell you, and it is that we’ve always wondered what it was like to be on the other side of things, so we decided we would each write what it was like for us.

Xandra Lancaster, Junior: “Being in the student section at the homecoming is like no other. It is by far the most packed game of the season and if you don’t show up early, you most likely won’t find a seat. My friends and I️ showed up at the game 30 minutes before skits even started and found that there was very limited seating left in the student section. We were stuck standing shoulder to shoulder surrounded by several other students. While the air was chilly, it was nearly impossible to notice due to the stuffiness from being surrounded by dozens of other students. When it came to the handing out of spirit items, the crowd was a frenzy of excited teenagers just waiting to get their hands on the prized items. However, the crowd was even crazier when there was a touchdown. There would be eruptions of cheers so loud that your ears would ring. Whenever there was a cheer, it was like the crowd was one being cheering together in hopes of a positive outcome. The gane itself was a blur, with all the noise and excitement its hard to remember anything other than the touchdowns but I honestly don’t mind being there with friends and being able to enjoy myself makes up for it.”

Delaynie Samora, Senior: “Being on the field cheering instead of in the student section is a great feeling. I love being able to cheer on the crowd and get them screaming for our football team. Being on the field is way different than being in the crowd. I’ve had the opportunity to experience both sides, but I’d rather be up front and center than crowded and squished. I get to feel the excited rush of the football players. There is not a lot you can see on the field, but what you can see is everybody’s emotions. After a big win, you get to run onto the field and celebrate with the football team.”



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