Royal Wedding Cake

Danielle Trujillo, Staff writer

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One of the world’s most famous bachelors has selected a California baker to make and design the Royal Wedding Cake when he weds a LA actress. According to tradition, he is going to pick a cake that is going to be made for the Royal Wedding. The Royal Wedding is coming up in May and the baker has been chosen recently. They have chosen Clair Ptak, the owner of a bakery in London named Violet Cakes.

Clair Ptak started baking when she was really young and worked in a local bakery when she was teen which kick started her into wanting her own bakery. But now she has a great opportunity in front of her and ever since then bakery sells have been going up.

The Royal Wedding Cake will be very traditional and organic. Clair will be making an organic lemon cake which will be topped with her signature flower that is also covered with butter cream frosting. And since they are sticking to the tradition, she will be making a second cake that is chosen by the Prince which will be a fruit cake that will be sent to quests as a momentum.  The cake is one of the most important part of the wedding therefore having the cake is very important and a big part of the tradition.

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