Mother’s Day

Juliana Alcala, Staff Writer

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This year, American Mother’s Day landed on May 13th, and Mexican Mother’s Day landed on May 10th. Being Mexican-American usually means you celebrate your mother on both days.

For as long as I could remember, my family has celebrated the mothers in our family both on Mexican and American Mother’s Day. It wasn’t until this year that I realized so many other families celebrate on both days as well.

This year, in stores, I saw more Spanish Mothers day cards than ever! Being from the Central Valley, I am fortunate enough to be exposed to not only Hispanic culture but a variety of other cultures. So, seeing so many other people celebrate Mexican Mother’s Day as well was very exciting.

Although having the pressure of making not only one but two Mother’s Days perfect for my mom could sometimes become stressful, I love the fact that I get another day to make my mom feel like the day is about her and remind her how appreciated she is.

Mothers often don’t get all the praise they deserve and sometimes it’s easy for us to forget all that they do for us every day. After giving us life, raising us,and loving us unconditionally, I truly believe two Mother’s Days is the least a mother deserves! Even though Mexican and American Mother’s Day lands on different dates and the cultures are different, one thing that without a doubt is the same is that both days are all about making all mothers feel as loved and appreciated as they are!

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