Due Monday? I’ll just do it on Sunday Night

Cat Fabela, Staff Writer

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Students who thrive on procrastination, and think that’s how the rest of the world works, are in for a real surprise. For many people, procrastination is a strong force that keeps them from completing the most urgent and important tasks in their lives such as school projects, preparing for college, and work demands. It is considered a dangerous force, causing its victims to, “fail out of school, perform poorly at work, or delay saving for retirement” states psychologist Jamie Ducharme. But specifically, for some high school students who can write an essay last minute and still earn an A+, the concern is that they believe that they’ll succeed doing that forever. Your boss isn’t going to be like your regular high school teacher, who gives you the extension, instead you might be met with an outcome unlike all the others, where you end up losing the opportunity all together.

Sonia Halmi, Bullard High School senior stated “Stress never gets to me, and if it’s an assignment that I can do last minute, then I’ll wait a day before that assignment is due. Which is interesting, because in the article “What is Procrastination” states that “people tend to perform better under pressure”. Amy Ogawa, another Bullard High School senior also stated, “I get that procrastination is a bad habit, but it’s working out for me and honestly, I’m just trying to graduate.” This just goes to show that bad habits are hard to break.

Ways to avoid this stress-building habit is to not get overwhelmed by big tasks, learning to time manage, and by throwing awards in for yourself in order to increase motivation into completing a task. It is said that many people procrastinate because they’re anxious about the project and don’t think they can complete it well. Timothy Pychyl, a professor who studies procrastination at Carleton University states, “most psychologists see procrastination as a kind of avoidance behavior, a coping mechanism gone wrong in which people “give in to feel good” and it usually happens when people fear or dread or have anxiety about the assignment that’s awaiting them”. Overall students, especially upcoming seniors, need to be aware of the consequences that come with procrastination after high school, and should start making an attempt to break this habit at an early stage.

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