How to beat the triple-digit heat waves!

Azela Ramos, Author

        Every school has a nurse that is willingly there to answer any health questions you have. Bullard High School, home of the Knights are very lucky to have such a dedicated nurse such as Mrs. Priscilla Hansen. She has been an educated nurse for about 14 years and has been working at Bullard for 3 years going on 4 helping students with any of their health concerns.

        She answered the few questions I had based on our recent triple-digit heat waves. She gave a lot of information on how to beat the heat such as wearing loose and light colored clothing.

        Mrs. P informed me that drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated plays an important role in beating the heat. Drinking drinks such as coffee and energy drinks may soothe your thirst for a bit but those drinks can also cause you to become more dehydrated than you already are because it causes you to urinate and get rid of more fluids in your body. As Mrs.P told me “Drink your water.”

        Not drinking enough water during the day can get you sick. The heat can cause illnesses such as heat exhaustion which causes you to stop sweating, get a bad headache, and it gives you a terrible stomach ache. Another illness you can get from the heat is a heat stroke, heat stroke can be very dangerous they can even cause death. These triple digit heat waves are too much for our bodies, are system can’t take it and our bodies just give out. Especially for our elders, they don’t drink as much water as us teens because they aren’t as active. It’s still important for them to stay hydrated through because they can’t regulate their body heat. As Mrs.P has said “Drink lots of water, stay out the heat as much as possible, and keep the heavy sweatshirts off.”