The Struggles of Online Learning


Riley Ehrenberg

The pandemic has completely changed the way people live their lives; one of the biggest changes has been the way students are attending school. For many students the switch from in-person classes to online has been very jarring and hard to adjust to. Because of this change many students are struggling to stay motivated and find a purpose behind the work they are doing.

One of the challenges students are facing is the work being given for online school. Even during in-person school students are given busy work in some of their classes, but in online school this has been taken to a new level. Many students feel like they’re being assigned busy work and not really learning anything. For some this has made it difficult to keep up with work and stay motivated.

Another struggle some students have faced is not having a clear understanding of what the future holds. Even during normal school students stress and wonder about what the future will be like, but with the way things are right now it has become even harder to predict what that will look like for students graduating high school and taking the next step in their lives. It can be difficult to work towards a future when it is so hard to picture what it might bring. This can also make it hard for students to stay motivated and find a purpose in the work they’re doing.

All students have handled this change in their own way, and everyone is trying to find the best ways to adjust and grasp the current situation. Since the start of this pandemic students have had to overcome new obstacles related to this current way of learning. Students and teachers have been trying their best to come up with new strategies to get through this, as tricky as it can get all students can do right now is keep pushing through until this pandemic passes and school starts to return to normal.