Flu Shot Clinic

Shanti Frazier

       On October 18, Bullard will be having it’s first ever flu shot clinic. Shots are available for employees with district medical insurance, covered spouses, domestic partners dependents age 18+,and early retirees. This event will be take in place in the Bullard staff lounge.

    Although this is the first clinic at Bullard the wellpath has had multiple clinics over the years. The wellpath center is mainly a group of healthcare that works directly with the district,they take care of Bullard’s health insurance.

    Just last year 80,000 people died from the flu it was the highest rate of death in the past 4 decades,69,000-84,000 have been hospitalized yearly. Knowing this information it is highly suggested that you get your flu shot this year. “It’s busy at lunch time if their needs to be more they will schedule another one;only staff” Nurse Hansen said when asked when is it the busiest. If there are more people that we’re not expected they will call to schedule another clinic to cover everyone.