Best Buddies

Arianna Gonzales, Staff Writer

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Posted by Bullard Buddies on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Best Buddies is a club here at Bullard that pairs up students with disabilities with other students on campus. “It is a great club that facilitates friendships with students with disabilities” said teacher and coach Jamie Maxey. March is Best Buddies month and the club has several activities planned for the buddy pairs. Vice President of Best Buddies, Maddie Montoya, stated, “We also have an event for the whole school which is Spread the Word to End the Word. (the word is the R word).” Spread the Word to End the Word is a national campaign encouraging people to pledge to stop using the word retard. The “R-word” is extremely hurtful and offensive towards the special need’s community.

All students can benefit from being a part of Best Buddies. Montoya, club president said, “I was very shy and reserved but I can say without a doubt that hanging out with them has gotten me to gain confidence.” Anyone can participate in this opportunity. If you’re interested in building friendships with students with disabilities, you can contact Coach Maxey or Mrs. Felder. Also, check out Best Buddies website, it is a worldwide organization,



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