Witness to History

Daniel Moore, author

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        Candelaria Delgado, a foreign language teacher at Bullard High School, was an eyewitness to history this summer, in Puerto Rico. The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, was forced to resign following tremendous pressure from the people of Puerto Rico that accused him of misappropriation of funds.

        Mrs. Delgado is a frequent visitor to San Juan where her mother and in laws reside. “Everytime I visit the island it’s so peaceful but this time all of the protesting took us by surprise.”

         Thousands of citizens stormed the streets of the capital demanding new leadership. The citizens found out that the governor was talking down on females and other people working in his office. When they heard the news they decided to protest, riot, and fight to get Ricardo out of his position.

        Candelaria said she thankfully wasn’t caught up in the riots and protesting but in fact the opposite. She saw the people united as one dancing and chanting in the streets. No one in Puerto Rico wanted to rest until the governor resigned. After two weeks of protesting and riots the people finally got their way on August 2nd. Ricardo Rossello announced his resignation late Wednesday.