Teacher Feature: German teacher works out

Miguel Montoya, Staff Writer

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Daniel Schoenbrod is a German teacher to levels one through three at Bullard. Outside of school, he is involved in CrossFit workouts and martial arts five to six times a week. Schoenbrod started doing CrossFit style workouts after he injured himself, searching for new rehab techniques.

“I started doing CrossFit style workouts in 2006, after I tore my Achilles. I took the written CrossFit  test in 2010 and became a certified CrossFit trainer,” said Schoenbrod.

He found CrossFit in almost every internet discussion about rehab and he decided to try it. Schoenbrod really enjoyed it, so much that he decide to create his own CrossFit gym in Germany. He was one of the first few to do so, and is still managing the gym overseas while trainers work for him at the gym. Schoenbrod leads workouts from his home, which consist of various high intensity exercises.

“I run a private CrossFit style workout on my property three nights a week,” said Schoenbrod.

Like many people, Schoenbrod knows that good nutrition is more effective than drinking ten protein shakes. He follows a Paleo diet and packs his lunch with various nutrient dense foods and drinks plenty of water everyday.

“Good nutrition can get you what supplements claim to get you,” said Schoenbrod.

He believes eating right can make the difference between you being able to become fit and you being stuck in a rut. His biggest recommendation for everyone who works out is to eat right and drink plenty of water!



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