Wednesday Meetings with Mr. Brown

Jordan Brunson, Staff Writer

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Mr. Brown holds meetings every other Wednesday that is a student-ran organization for students to profess their faith.

When asked if he thought kids are being impacted by these meetings, he said, “Yes, I think they [are] because we have athletes from Fresno State and professional athletes come in. We have people of faith that come in and show that there is a hope and future in life beyond school.”

Mr. Brown distributes pizza at the end of his Wednesday meetings because the meetings are held during lunch, so if the kids that attend miss their opportunity to get lunch then they can have pizza instead.

In his meetings, he has a full classroom; sometimes it is so full that it is hard to fit everyone in the room. So, how did these meetings get so much attention and bring in so many people?

“The students spread it around. I didn’t advertise it at all besides in my classroom, but the students posted about it on social media and it just grew.”

The reason Mr. Brown doesn’t host these meetings every Wednesday is because hosting them too often wouldn’t allow some students to attend due to their schedule. It allows a break for the leaders so that they can think of new ideas and prepare for the next meeting.

As it turns out, it was the students who thought of this and how these meetings should be ran.

“The kids that attend love to come to these meetings because it’s in a fun atmosphere. And some kids hide the pressure to hide their faith, but at those meetings they can express their faith.”

Mr. Brown has been hosting these meetings for 8 years, not only at Bullard, but at the other schools where he had previously taught at. He was also involved in these types of meetings as a kid.

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