Profile on Mr. Haskins


Tyler Meade

        For those of you who aren’t aware, Mr. Haskins is our librarian here at Bullard High School. Mr. Haskins has a title for himself as a previous English teacher at Bullard High School and a real estate broker. He became a librarian at the end of the previous school year finishing his Information Science Degree and has made a lot of positive and unique changes to the library since. Some of the changes that he has done to the library include rolling out virtual reality, puzzles, origami, a record player, allowing students to do book requests, and also have electronic login for attendance. He says he became a librarian because ” I thought it was the place where I could have the biggest impact on the school, and it allows me to reach and connect with more students.” He continues saying the library is a quiet good place to focus but also a fun social hub. “It should be a fun space at lunch and also be a place where students can focus and get there work done.” Mr. Haskins is committed to the library and passionate about additional improvements. Though he might only be here temporarily. “This is where I want to be for now, but I am considering possibly being a researcher for a law firm.”  Mr. Haskins ends with a message for “I want kids to know that if we don’t have the book, we will get it for them.”