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We’re Here to Talk club

New Outreach Club Started by Sophomore BHS Student

April 28, 2015


Have you heard about Bullard’s new club, “We’re Here to Talk?” The outreach club was started by sophomore Paige Willis, and is run by both her and the vice president, sophomore Katie Kendrick. The main goal of this club is to help future generations of incoming freshmen to be less stressed, or scared, about promoting into high school.

The members of “We’re Here to Talk” travel to Tenaya Middle School every other Friday during Tenaya’s lunch periods, to talk and interact with the junior high students. Once the club members arrive, they stay in the quad and hang out with any of the students who come up to them to interact and talk. They have an open-door set up, so any of Tenaya’s students are welcome to join in. The W.H.T.T. team has conversations and answers any of the questions asked by the middle school students. The club has intentions of creating a safe environment for the junior high students and giving them the opportunity to ask questions about high school- and get real answers from students who are actually in high school.

“I just wanted them to be less frantic entering high school. As freshmen, 90% of the time you don’t know what to do with yourself. You’re really confused and trying to find yourself; and if you have all the little things figured out first, its easier to find out the big stuff,” say Willis.

Willis said that on average, about forty junior high students will stop by and see what’s going on in the club activities. Once they are more comfortable with the high schoolers, the younger students start becoming more interactive and asking more questions. Willis also say that since the club began it has become more popular, and with every visit to Tenaya, the middle schoolers become more and more excited for the days when W.H.T.T. comes to their campus.

“I think it has been a great experience to help the kids, listen to them, and prepare them for high school. I’ve grown as a person, and have been reminded of the struggles of middle school to high school transition, and it’s moving a experience to watch the Tenaya Middle School kids grow and get mentally prepared for the next step in their academic careers,” says Kendrick.

Willis and Kendrick are hoping to expand the club in the future and have even stated that our school’s principal, Mr.Beck, has expressed his interest in expanding the club to other feeder schools in our area, such as Baird and Wawona. However, before they expand, they hope to work out any flaws or kinks in the club with Tenaya.

If you are interested in participating this club, you can contact Willis herself, Ms.Langlo, or Ms.Fischle in B7 to discuss joining. Paige asks that you do not join if you’re just looking for a reason to go off campus. You must be at least a sophomore to join, and be able to miss your fourth period every other Friday. Since you will be missing class, you’ll need to stay on top of your academics, and you should also have an ambition and interest in working with younger students.

“It’s a great experience and looks great on college applications!” adds Willis.

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