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4.0 & Above Trip to the Fresno County Fair

Leoni Gavrielides, Staff writer

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Students with 4.0 and higher GPAs are being invited to go to the Fresno Fair on October 4th. Students will be receiving free tickets and a bus ride to go to the fair to celebrate their grades. Over 150 Bullard students will be leaving for the fair. At the fair, there will be an awards ceremony dedicated to students with high grades, giving them scholarships and other gifts.

The motivation to receive 4.0+ GPAs, differs from students. I spoke with some of them to see what their motivations were to keep their grades up.

A junior, Manar Alloh, explains she wants to “go to a good college” as well as “become a valedictorian” so she can make her parents proud.

Elizabeth Hutzler, a junior, brings up another opinion about why she wants to keep her grades up. She says, “I want to have options in the future. I don’t want to be stuck in a place because I didn’t do well in school.” She believes that raising her grades will let her have more options in the future, which makes her happy.

Another achiever, Cassandra Carr explains, “grades are kinda my thing” and how her sister had set up the path of success for her in school. She says her older sister had raised grades, which caused her to follow her sister’s path as well.

Kylah Jordan, a junior, plans to prove to her parents that she can succeed and lead a great life. She explains, “I just want to prove my parents wrong” by showing them that she “aspire[s] to become something great in life”. She hopes after graduating college, that she can become a general psychologist.

Another junior, Madison Hinthorne shares her motivation, “It’s basically the future”. She hopes to go to a good college and continues with explaining about how, “ I want to go to Cal Poly, or like a UC”, so she can study chemistry.

To see more information about the Fresno Fair 4.0 and Above trip, visit the student services building near the offices.

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4.0 & Above Trip to the Fresno County Fair