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Through Cheerleaders’ Perspective

Jonah Martinez and Jacob Markus

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Football is America’s most popular sport. Many people enjoy the bright lights, the plays, and the food, but people often ignore the people adding spirit to the game: the cheerleaders. What many people don’t know is that it takes a lot of effort to cheer up the players and hype up the crowd. We interviewed three cheerleaders from Bullard High School, freshmen and seniors, to find out what it’s like to cheer while having your backs turned to the game, especially during important plays and when the team scores. It depends on the cheerleader whether they like the game or not.

One cheerleader we interviewed is Marina Bocanegra. She is a cheerleader at Bullard High school and has been in cheer for two years. She has done cheer in elementary school but took a break until last year. Marina enjoys watching football in general because of her brother since he has played football for most his life.

When asked if she doesn’t like having her back against the game she replied, “I don’t mind it really. Besides, we are watching most of the game, so we get to do both.” She enjoys cheer and she loves being in front of everyone being the center of attention. She loves all the positive vibes, and if she or a teammate messes up, they just continue. They don’t let errors ruin the whole performance. Marina said she does feels like she has a lot of pressure since a lot of people watch her and of she messes up or falls everyone will see it. But she tries not to let that get to her.

We also interviewed a freshman cheerleader named Vanessa Reta. She did cheerleading during middle school and says that cheerleading in high school needs more effort and practice. She enjoys football and finds it annoying that she can’t pay more attention to the game.

Brooke Martin is another freshman cheerleader who says that she enjoys football, especially the offensive line. However, she finds it her duty to cheer, so she doesn’t care that much about not being able to watch the game.


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