Advanced Placement Classes

Jade Kaabua, Staff Writer

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Many high school students are hesitant to take challenging Advanced Placement classes because of the rigor and fast pace. Administrators at Bullard want to change that and reassure students that they are capable of tackling the difficult journey of AP.

AP stands for Advanced Placement. It is a college level class that every student in high school can take.

Molly Yates, the Bullard AP coordinator, says, “It’s better than any kind of college class because you get a lot of support and you get teachers who know your names and care about you. However, in college, you don’t get that. In AP classes, at the end of the year, you take an exam and if you get a qualifying score, then you get college credit.”

Mrs. Yates, sponsored a luncheon for those students that are most unlikely to register for such classes. The affair targeted African American students whose transcripts revealed that they have the potential to be AP students. 

Mrs. Yates says the problem is not uniquely theirs, “The majority of the students don’t want to take AP classes because you have more homework, it goes at a quicker pace, the tests are hard, and the AP exam at the end of the year is difficult.”

She continues by adding, “It’s not easy and that’s why universities, private colleges, and prestigious colleges love that you take AP because they know that you’ve experienced a challenging curriculum.”

Yates believes that you can get a good and comprehensive education by taking college prep classes, however AP classes are designed to give you college credit.

Some students erroneously believe that if you get a low grade, it’ll affect their chances of getting into a university or college. Mrs. Yates says it’s a longstanding myth, “An AP course is augmented, so if you get a C, it’s actually like earning a B in a regular class. Universities would rather see the lower grade and a higher GPA.”

Mrs. Yates recommends that every student at Bullard take at least one AP class to see whether or not it’s a feasible program for them. “I think every single student on campus should take at least one AP course and experience it. AP teachers are really highly qualified. The students in there are ready to learn, they’re more studious, mature, and disciplined. It’s a special experience.”

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