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India Zepeda, Copy Editor

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AP Student Ambassadors meet for the first time. These students were nominated by AP teachers to be a part of the organization.

You’re sitting in your room at 10 o’clock still doing AP homework. You’re not sure if you can handle the work anymore and want to quit. There are packets of study guides and lecture notes scattered across your room. Coffee is spilling onto some of your notes from previous units. You’re crammed in your text book trying to understand the unit. You look at your phone, seeing a text from your friend reminding you there’s a test tomorrow. Those who have taken an AP class at one point have experienced this or a similar scenario. Taking a college course in high school can be stressful and overwhelming. Fortunately, this was recognized by the school district, thus began AP Ambassadors.

Bullard’s Ambassador program is run by Mrs. Robison in room S205. This is her first year taking charge. As an AP Government teacher, she feels “it is important to have strong supports put in place for students who might be struggling.” Mrs. Robison loves that AP students are curious and want to challenge themselves.
The Ambassadors are themselves students who have previously taken AP classes and were nominated by their AP teachers to help other students who may be struggling. To be an AP Ambassador, it’s not required to pass the AP exam, but the group’s focus is to prepare our students for them.

AP Café are the students tutored by the Ambassadors. They are offered coffee and snacks while getting tutoring from AP Ambassadors that may have taken that class. Ms. Robison says “AP Ambassadors are here not only to help other students, but to also change the culture of AP.” She also says they want students to realize the importance of taking at least one AP class, so they can get the feel of what college will be like. Hopefully, next year, more students will challenge themselves by trying an AP course and joining AP Café and AP Ambassadors in the future.

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