Red Ribbon Week

Isabella Bergman, Staff Writer

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Red Ribbon week is an alcohol, tobacco, but mainly any addictive substances like drugs, prevention awareness campaign usually celebrated in October. This week is important to many people because they may have a loved one that abuses alcohol, drugs, or they are addicted to the harmful substance themselves.

The awareness week is to take a stand against drugs and alcohol. It all began in 1985 when drug traffickers in Mexico City kidnapped and killed DEA Kiki Camarena. This began the intolerance towards the use of drugs. The goal for Red Ribbon week is to hopefully turn America into a drug free zone. Practicing this, students will eventually realize drugs are harmful to their body and a waste of time. Students have celebrated the drug awareness week by coming up with drug prevention facts and tips to say no to the addictive substance, having school rallies about the drug free week, and to help other students by creating a presentation for your classmates building refusal skills for the harmful materials. At Bullard High school we take drug week very seriously. To make sure the drug awareness stays alive throughout the week, we award students that keep their red ribbons on an article of clothing like your shirt, your pants, or even your backpack.

Although Red Ribbon week is meant to be a week full of joy, for some, it is a week full of sorrow. A young man at Bullard High school who wished to not be named, feels Red Ribbon week is a reminder of his past. He had said that both of his parents were drug addicts and he went through the foster system up until a few years ago, when his grandma finally took him in. “Every day I wonder if my parents are clean of drugs like they tell me, but I’ll never know because I will never live with them again.”. He worries about them every day and explains to me that it was easy to go down the road they’ve been down before. It took willpower and someone to support him to take the drug free route. As Bullard ends Red Ribbon week, our drug awareness will stay alive throughout the year a keep a reminder to students that drugs are harmful to not only you, but the people around you as well.

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