The Vaping Epidemic in the Classroom

Samantha Garcia, Features Editor

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We’ve all seen the odd commercial where these knock-off Muppets tell you the harm in vaping. Even though the approach lacks in full, the truth of the matter is, the amount of nicotine in just one Juul pod is equivalent to 20 cigarettes. Just recently, California changed the legal smoking age from 18 to 21 apart from active military members. Though, the legal smoking age has risen, it doesn’t prevent minors from their fix. Many high school kids across the United States have switched from cigarettes for their electronic cousins.  

 Bringing them to class, using them when teachers have their backs turned, taking long bathroom breaks, holding up the line of kids that actually HAVE to use the restroom. Clearly, this trendy fix is quite an expensive one at that. Sadly, teenagers dismiss the harmful effects in their midst. Short term exposure can cause throat and eye irritations causing coughs which may even lead to an asthma attack. Dizziness is also prevalent in the short-term effects. The short-term inflammation found in electronic vaping is like regular cigarettes.  

Nicotine-free vapor causes even MORE inflammation. Dehydration, dry mouth, vaping headache, vape tongue, and sore throats are just some of the side effects.  Vaping perpetuates the risk of a teen smoking a cigarette later in life.  Vaping is everywhere you look. Parents and adults should really speak to their kids about what they’re putting in their body. Having these conversations could save you lots of money and an addiction you’re going to have to struggle with in the future. Educating younger generations about the harmful effects of “Nic” will lessen the epidemic that my generation had almost knocked. Tobacco shouldn’t be fun and trendy commodity. Save your brain, lungs and general health. 

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