Don’t Be Shy and Donate Some Dimes

India Zepeda, Copy Editor

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It’s good to give back or donate for a good cause whenever the opportunities. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities this month. One of them is March of Dimes. This is an organization that helps pre- mature birth and infantile paralysis, also known as Polio. Basically, what they do is support mothers throughout pregnancy and after birth by providing vaccines and what is needed to better the baby’s health.  

You can help by doing something as simple as a small donation because any little bit helps. Here at Bullard, it’s an easy process for anyone to donate. In our fifth period classes, students were able to donate money to this cause with a minimum of one dollar. Whichever class raises the most money gets a pizza party, which is basically a win-win situation.  

This organization has helped so many people live their healthiest life. March of Dimes helped Jennifer Viart when she was a baby and played a major role in her life. “March of Dimes has played a vital role in my life- they find research and programs, and educate professionals, like the specialized doctors I saw when I was younger”. As she got older, she really felt how much it helped and will always support this organization. 

It’s always good to help others with what they don’t have. Giving back is humbling and makes you feel good, so what are you waiting for? 

March of Dimes has a walk that you can participate in and support this organization. Many of the participants are those who were helped by March of Dimes and those who just love to support 

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