On December 31st, news broke that underground rap legend, MF DOOM, had passed away. It was confirmed on an Instagram post corresponded by his wife. She stated that Daniel Dumile “Transitioned October 31, 2020”. His cause of death was never declared to the public, but that can be easy to understand since the MF DOOM estate chose to deal with the heavy loss in peace. They knew that the news would shake the hip hop world and that’s what occurred on New Year’s Eve. Almost every artist who was in the rap game was shocked by the news. Big names such as Playboi Carti, Tyler, The Creator, and Earl Sweatshirt were 3 rappers out of many that were influenced by the late MF DOOM. His critically acclaimed collab album with legendary producer, Madlibis considered to be one of the greatest hip hop LPs. Madvillainy, A glorious phantasmagoria of flow. Don’t forget about the other polarizing projects in MF DOOM’s catalogueOperation: Doomsday was a great debut album for MF DOOM and MM...Food isn’t too far from Madvillainy in terms of greatness. With the loss of MF DOOM, a piece of hip hop died on October 31, 2020. The man who inspired every loquacious, out of field rapper from the last two decades was no more.