First Female Official at the Superbowl


Tabitha Andrews

Women have been trying to prove they are as capable and deserving as men for hundreds of years. Thankfully, women have been getting more chances to have equal rights as men. There are so many women that have fought for all women around the world to have the right to do anything they want and not be brought down or denied just because a job is perceived as a “male role.”  

An example of one of these roles is sports officials. We always see men as umpires or refs at games, but over the years we are starting to see more women. Some people may notice that there have been zero women in official games such as the Super Bowl. That was until Sunday, February 2nd 2021, when Sarah Thomas became the first woman to referee at the Super Bowl. Not only was she the first woman official at the Super Bowl, but she was also the first woman to officiate a major college football game at a Big Ten stadium. 

 According to Sports Illustrated, Thomas grew up as an avid athlete who lettered five times in softball while in high school and went to the University of Mobile on a basketball scholarship. Thomas grew up with two brothers who played football. Thomas found her love for sports in grade school and is now the first permanent female official in the NFL to work at the Super Bowl. Sarah Thomas has shown girls all over the world that they can do whatever they want and paved the way for women who would like to do exactly what she does.