Matthew Brown


Zach Gadams

Bullard’s own Algebra 1 teacher, Matthew Brown has been nominated for the California League of Schools 2020-2021 Educator of the Year award. The CLS Educator of the Year is an annual award given to people in the field of education, meant to recognize excellence. Candidates can be nominated by the public on the CLS website, and will be grouped into 12 regions and 3 different levels of school (elementary, middle, and high school.) 10 finalists from each region are honored locally, and one regional winner from each level will be announced as a CLS Educator of the Year. 

Mr. Brown is a finalist in the Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, and Tulare region. “Personally, I love learning. I love to see that love come alive when students learn something for the first time or accomplish a task they thought was unachievable. I try to pass on my passion for learning and joy at seeing the achievement through adversity,” says Brown. “My goal has been and will continue to be the molding and shaping for my students to attain ethics and values that will make them positive, contributing members to their surrounding community.”

Although he’s grateful for the nomination, he says he doesn’t enjoy being recognized for this award and gives credit to his colleagues. Brown does not agree with his characterization as a “good” teacher, but cites his passion for teaching math and says that he works hard everyday to be a better teacher. Nevertheless, he is appreciative of the nomination and hopes he can represent Bullard High School well. “Thank you for the opportunity to teach at Bullard High School, this has been and will continue to be a school that is geared toward excellence in the classroom, activities, athletics, and in the community.  GO KNIGHTS!”