BHS FUSD Scholarship Winners


Eden Freeman

Bullard has ten amazing students who have received scholarships from colleges this year! These students are Thuan Tran, Audra Fontes, Desiree Cooper, Elizabeth Chassey, Italic Villanueva-Cruz, Kylie Fogle, Nebiat Tsegay, Lauren Tell, and Anali Jimenez. 

According to one of the students, the process of getting the scholarship was fairly simple. The application process required 3 essays on why they should be the one to receive the scholarship, as well as 2 letters of recommendations from different teachers. The students received news of their winnings over a Teams call with Superintendent Bob Nelson and  Principal Dr. Alvarado. 

“I was very happy that I was chosen for this award,” says winner Anali Jimenez, who plans to major in Environmental Science at FCC. Xitlalic Villanueva-Cruz agrees as she states, “I feel really happy and honored to have received this scholarship and I think it’s a great thing our school district has done to help support seniors.” Xitlalic also stated “School can get hard sometimes and we will feel like giving up, but just keep going and stay involved at school and it will all pay off at the end. All the experience and hard work you put in will possibly grant you that scholarship when your time comes.” 

These students show that hard work pays off, and if applying for a scholarship interests you they are definitely something you should look into! We congratulate all ten of these stellar individuals and show our support for the rest of the senior class as well as they near the end of their high school career. Go Knights!