New Bullard Teachers


Maya Barron

Bullard has been graced with some outstanding new teachers this year, including new P.E. teachers and coaches, science teachers, Spanish teachers, math teachers, as well as a new drama teacher, art teacher and an English teacher. This school year has been a new experience for both students and teachers, and now even more is changing with the shift from all online to hybrid learning.

Alessa Ruiz began working at Bullard after applying to the district last January. When asked why she came to Bullard she said, “I liked the school’s culture, and the rapport between leadership and the teachers.” She also gave her thoughts and feelings on this past school year, saying that even though she misses teaching in person that this year has been a learning experience. 

Literacy Coach, Jennifer Nast stated, about the new teachers at Bullard, “They are hard-working, diligent, and very skilled in each of their subject areas. They all have genuine passion in creating environments that have engaging activities so that each student can meet high expectations in the learning. They have been a pleasure to coach and work with.”

Bullard is very lucky to have so many amazing teachers and staff, especially throughout this past year. Both old and new teachers have made this past school year successful and for that the Bullard students are grateful.