Goodbye, Dr. Alvarado


Zachary Gadams

After 2 and half years as principal of Bullard High School, Dr. Johnny Alvarado will be resigning to pursue an administrative position outside of Fresno Unified. Starting November 1st, he will serve as the Chief Academic Officer of Selma Unified School District.
Dr. Alvarado expressed the difficulty of his decision to leave Bullard, crediting his experience working alongside the teachers and administration with preparing him for this new chapter of his career. “The role at Selma Unified offers an opportunity to support an entire school district’s students, staff, and community with a main focus on increasing academic achievement. I have been blessed to work and learn alongside great teachers and administrators that have prepared me for such a role.”
Since Alvarado’s first year as principal in 2019, Bullard High School has seen a 42 percent increase in the pass rate of standardized math testing and a 22 percent increase in the pass rate of standardized ELA testing. Additionally, the amount of quarter 1 misbehavior incidences has decreased from 1441 to 429. “The success of any school is not and can never be assigned to just one individual. It always takes a team effort to support and honor each other in our mission as educators. That is what this Bullard High School Team has accomplished over these past 2 years,” says Dr. Alvarado.
Bullard staff wishes Alvarado well in his endeavors at Selma Unified and appreciates his efforts to support them over the years. “I wish Alvarado the best. I’ve always felt like he supported me, as a teacher,” said Mrs. Robison.
As a parting message to Bullard High School, Alvarado urges staff and students to work hard and continue to support each other. “We do not all come from the same background or have similar support systems, but we do all have a heart, a conscious, and resources available to us that beckons us to care for one another, consider each other’s place in life, and support in any way we can to make a positive difference. My best to each student in life’s journey, work hard and stay focused. To our staff, thank you for a great experience!”