Bullard Pep and Cheer


Madison Parker

From football games to rallies, the Bullard pep and cheer team is always there to share school spirit. Throughout the school year, the pep and cheer team attends over 75 events. Aside from school games, the team takes part in important events like the Special Olympics and rallies at Bullard High’s feeder schools. They also participate in a community outreach program, called The BHS Regional Cheer Clinic. In this program, the cheerleaders teach 4th-8th graders routines to perform at the BHS Regional Football Game. 

Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Lily Kesterson said, “My favorite event to cheer at is the Bullard football games, because of the energy and everyone’s support.” Senior Varsity Pepper, Hailey Foss, stated, “My favorite events to cheer at are football games, specifically the games against Clovis West.” At the most recent Clovis West game there was a power outage after the halftime show. Foss loved how the students kept the energy up by lighting up the student section with their phone flashlights.

The Bullard pep and cheer program is run by Kristi Robison and coached by Jasmine Acuna, varsity cheer and pep is coached by Alyssa Jenson. “I originally became cheer director because my daughter was on the varsity team, but after getting to know the families and bonding with the cheerleaders, I decided to stick with it for a second year” shared Robison. Acuna explained her reason for becoming a coach stating, “I decided to coach because I used to be a cheerleader at Bullard and I wanted to continue the traditions in the program.” Jensen was drawn to the coaching position because of her background with dance, “I decided to coach at Bullard because I have danced all my life and I wanted to continue. I joined the Bullard community because I love how passionate they are about their sports. Bullard’s cheer program is an amazing part of the Fresno community and it takes an amazing and determined group of girls to make these events so memorable.”

The pep and cheer team is a vital part of Bullard High School. Without their spirit and hard work, the community wouldn’t be what it is.