The Experience of Being a New Student at Bullard High


Abbi Bachant

Transferring schools is a nerve-wracking experience for any student. There are unfamiliar students, staff, classes, and schedules, which can be intimidating. When a student transfers, they leave everything they know behind. For many, it can be a struggle to make friends and form new connections.

As someone who moved around a lot, I understand the toll that transferring schools takes on students. When a student switches schools, their whole life changes. Personally, moving around so frequently when I was younger had a huge impact on my academics. Different schools had different curriculums depending on their district, while one school would be focusing on multiplication, the other would be focusing on division. I was never able to get a good grasp on math and I struggle with it to this day. Although, when I explained to my math teacher Mrs. Martin at Bullard that I did not understand the material she offered to review it with me and help me. I appreciated the offer and that she is willing and ready to be so patient with me. This has helped me tremendously with the anxiety I was having about my grade.

I was upset when I realized that moving schools meant I would have to leave my friends and boyfriend behind. Thankfully, Bullard has an amazing, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere that made it incredibly easy for me to make new friends. By the end of my first day, I had already made two friends. on the second day I had already had a handful of friends. Bullard has an array of clubs such as Bullard Buddies, Drama Club, GSA, Anime club, and many more clubs that can help incoming students meet others like them so that they are not alone. The welcoming atmosphere that Bullard has can help alleviate and ease the stress and anxiety new students have. This school has remarkably diverse students who also can help students find others like them so that they do not feel so alienated and alone. It is so comforting to meet other students who have the same style as me or the same music taste and interests as me.

Bullard’s elaborate campus can be confusing for new students because of the North and South buildings, and the classroom numbering. On my first few days at Bullard, I kept getting lost on my way to class, and needed to ask for help finding my classrooms. Thankfully, there are school maps, students, and staff that can help you tremendously and who have shared the same confusion with you at one point in time as well, so there is no need to fear the idea of being judged. As a new student, I have so far found it easy to build peer relationships and have that mutual level of feeling and respect with teachers. The teachers are friendly and kind and do not make the students feel like they are inferior just because they are students.

Administration and staff members take issues with students very seriously instead of brushing them under the rug. They take students’ concerns, feelings, safety, and problems seriously and make them priorities. A notable example can be when hateful Instagram accounts were being made, the school got involved by sending emails out to parents, getting the account taken down, and getting the police involved.

Being a new student can be nerve-racking, difficult, and scary but Bullard makes new students’ top priority and eases the process and anxiety. Bullard makes it easily accessible for students to get help with their mental health. There are many people you can reach out to for help like mental health counselors Ms. Langlo and Ms. Madison. I have not had a single unpleasant experience at Bullard, and I have felt nothing but welcome and accepted, and I hope that other new students will have that same experience.