Bullard High Welcomes: Principal Torigian


Judith Boyadjian

On December 20th, Principal Torigian returned to Bullard High School to fulfill his life-long dream of being principal. Over the past 10 years, he’s served as a VP at Bullard and Central High, and as the Principal at Tenaya Middle School. He has been regarded as straightforward and welcoming by students, teachers, and staff.

Principal Torigian has made it clear that he wants to improve Bullard’s reputation and community by securing a connection between students and being hands-on with encouragement stating, “I’ve been wanting to give back to the community that gave me so much; I want to contribute what I can and change the Bullard narrative for the better.” In addition to helping his community, he wants to guide student-athletes on their paths, by giving them necessary academic tools and meeting with them regularly. He wants to share his idea that, “In student-athletes, the student will always come first.”

In terms of student discipline, he plans on taking an open approach to it. He is in favor of demonstrating and teaching students appropriate school and work etiquette and he wants to, “Teach them the power of why, instead of shutting the doors and turning a blind eye.” While also being transparent with students, to stay true to his vision of fair discipline.

The staff at the Bullard Charger give him a warm welcome and hope he enjoys his time here at Bullard High School.