Our New Librarian, Mrs. Jierian

At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, Mr.Haskins stepped away from his position at Bullard High as our librarian.  Ms. Jierian took over as BHS librarian and accepted the challenge.  As a BHS alumni, graduating from Bullard in 2004, she stated, “Something’s very exciting about coming back to the school where you graduated from and working there.”

After moving to Fresno in the fifth grade from Armenia, Mrs. Jierian continued school and found an interest in English. Ms. Jierian highlighted that her favorite teachers at Bullard were Mr.Lassman and Mr.Fisher.  She liked being in the newspaper and notably English.  Her favorite book was The Count of Monte Cristo an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas, which she first read in her Freshman year. While her favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe, a famous American author for his short stories and poems.

After high school, she stayed in Fresno and enrolled at Fresno State, where she majored in English Education and graduated with a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Education. After college, Jerian taught for eight years at Kratt Elementary and King’s Canyon Middle School. She stated that she always wanted to be a librarian.  Since she came back to Bullard, she has said there is a wide array of students here and highlights how it’s interesting to see the differences between the students. She stated that she has always wanted to teach students what she liked learning from her English teachers and the books she had read. While working here, she was happy meeting ELA teacher Mr. Grimes, she stated, “When he first walked in, he was a ray of sunshine. It was exciting to see someone who appreciates books as much as I do”.

To get herself warmed up around the library and her environment she is going to make some changes with new decorations to make the library match the vibe of the students. Outside of Bullard Mrs. Jierian enjoys spending time with her two daughters and her husband, and going to pumpkin patches with them. At a glance, the impression  Ms. Jierian will leave on Bullard will be remarkable, and her welcoming demeanor makes her pleasant to be around.