The Blue Nation Student Store


Arriyah Champion

Most students know Blue Nation as Bullard’s student store, where candy, chips, and paletas are bought. However, Blue Nation is so much more than that. It is a place where students can build work experience, and contribute to the school’s culture.  

Prior to teaching at Bullard, Mr. Chaney worked as a student teacher under Mr. Torigian when he was once a Business pathway teacher.

Before the actual storefront we know today opened, Mr. Chaney explained, “There wasn’t a store, but we would sell stuff out of cardboard boxes in the classroom,”. The long-awaited storefront opened in 2011 with the help of Mr. Torigian. Mr. Chaney then returned in 2014 to pursue teaching in the business pathway, taking on the student store.

The storefront is a part of BHS’ Business pathway, offered for all grades. However, mainly seniors run the actual store during lunch. There are other classes offered to 9th-11th grade for the marketing portion of the pathway such as photoshop. “This class builds a way for students to learn how to photoshop, do designs for the school, and eventually open up the store” Mr. Chaney spoke.  

The Blue Nation store also has multiple ways to buy merchandise, whether it’s in the store or even online. To buy online Mr. Chaney clarified, “Anything that is in the store is also on our website, so if someone buys something on the website. We get the order in the store… fill the order, and we put it in the front office for pick up.” 

All the money raised from these sales will eventually go back towards the students in the business pathway, to buy more supplies and merchandise, or Mr. Chaney stated, “When these guys work hard for a couple of weeks I will buy them all pizza, or on field trips, I will buy their meals,”

Students who are interested in possibly joining the Blue Nation or even the Business pathway can join any of the offered Marketing electives when choosing in Spring. Visit to buy some of their awesome merch.